Wault LaunchPad Offers Exclusive Access to Presales

4 min readMar 3, 2021

Since opening applications for LaunchPad a day ago, we’ve already received numerous entries from ambitious projects seeking to launch on Binance Smart Chain. Seeing their enthusiasm, we realized it was time to let our users know what we have planned in terms of integrating LaunchPad within our platform. Get ready, because it’s all good news.

For Wault holders, LaunchPad will be a rare chance to gain exclusive access to early-stage companies before they hit public exchanges; something most investors can only dream of. After all, in the current bull market, it’s rare for a company to launch on an exchange and not multiply its presale price at least several times. Yet, access to such presales is often monopolized by venture capital firms and industry insiders. So how can a normal crypto holder gain exposure to such profitable opportunities?

Now, the answer is simple — WAULT tokens. Our LaunchPad will not cater to insiders or professional investors. Instead, we understand who our core stakeholders are and value them more than anyone. Of course, that’s our token holders.

So all you have to do to get privileged access to emerging crypto projects is one basic thing — make sure you’re holding enough WAULT. Yet, unlike other launchpads on Eth, holding our tokens isn’t a burden where you’re waiting to sell them as soon as whitelisting is over, only to watch the price dump before you can. That’s because while holding WAULT tokens, you can stake them in our platform to gain significant APR. Our unique model of redistributing transaction taxes and fees to our stakers ensures your yields will remain high as you wait for opportunities to gain access to brand new projects. Furthermore, we’ll be building out more value-generating use cases for the tokens, allowing you to hold and earn with ease.

Whitelisting Process for Presale Access

The process to access presales will work in the following manner. You will only have access to whitelisting for presale purchases if you are staking in our pools. In addition, your maximum allocation will vary depending on which pool you’re in, as well as how many tokens you’re staking there. This will work according to two multipliers:

1 — How many tokens you’re staking. Below are the tiers:

Silver: 50+ tokens will have a multiplier of 1x

Gold: 150+ tokens will have a multiplier of 2x

Platinum: 200+ tokens will have a multiplier of 5x

2 — Which pool you’re staking in:

No Lockup Pool will have a multiplier of 1x

7-Day Lockup Pool will have a multiplier of 2x

30-Day Lockup Pool will have a multiplier of 5x

Thus, as long as you’re staking at least 50 WAULT tokens in the No Lockup Pool, you’ll be eligible to whitelist for the minimum 1x allocation. The maximum multiplier of 25x will be for those staking at least 200 tokens in the 30-Day Lockup Pool(5x * 5x).

The minimum allocation in terms of tokens will be determined at the end of the whitelisting period and then adjusted for you through your personal multiplier. Everyone who qualifies and applies for whitelisting will receive an allocation spot.

In summary, this will be a long-term incentive for WAULT token holders. As long as you hold our tokens and stake them, not only will you earn high yields through our pools, but also have exclusive access to new projects not available anywhere else.

We believe this will be a major step in creating genuine utility for the WAULT token, but it’s only the first of many. With several initiatives in the works, we look forward to building out this protocol and providing significant value for our token holders. So stay tuned!

(If you’re part of a new project and would like to apply to Wault LaunchPad, you can do so here)

What is Wault Finance?

Wault Finance is a decentralized finance hub that plans to connect all the primary DeFi use-cases within one simple ecosystem on Binance Smart Chain. We believe the benefits of DeFi should be accessible to the masses but in an intuitive way; avoiding the expensive fees, confusing interfaces, and centralized decision-making of many current platforms. So with these goals in mind, we’ve built a protocol with some unique features we believe will amplify the power of wealth-accumulation for our users.

In addition, we believe in open and decentralized governance. That’s why WAULT token holders will be able to vote on and decide all aspects of the protocol’s future development path. Every developer is also welcome to work on and contribute to our open-source code. Come join the movement and help us advance DeFi on the Binance Smart Chain!

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