Wault Finance

3 min readFeb 2, 2021

Wault Finance is a decentralised finance project that aim to connect all the DEFI dots into one ecosystem. Wault Finance is dedicated to making an effective and user-friendly yield generator and lending aggregator. The decisions for the protocol development will be governed by the WAULT holders. Every developer is welcome to work and contribute to our open source codes.

WAULT token features

Transaction Tax Rate

There will be a 3% transaction tax rate which will be shared between our Liquidity Providers, Wault Stakers, our Marketing Fund and Token Holders. This means that 3% of the amount of every transfer will go back to the people holding and staking WAULT.

This will give further incentive for people to stake WAULT.

These 3% tax rate will be divided in the following way:

1.2% will go to the Liquidity Mining contract.

0.5% will go to the Staking Pools

0.8% will go to the Token Holders.

0.5% will go to the Marketing Fund.

Supply Management

Wault will have a maximum Supply of 1 000 000 tokens. There can’t be minted more tokens.

Token Metrics and Distribution

  • Initial Supply — 500 000 WAULT will be produced in the deployment of the contract.

160 000 WAULT — Private Sale (32%)

80 000 WAULT — Presale (16%)

40 000 WAULT — Marketing Treasury (8%)

30 000 WAULT — Team Tokens (Locked For 3 Months) (6%)

20 000 WAULT — Bug Bounties. Anyone, who finds and reports a bug, will be rewarded. (4%)

50 000 WAULT — Exchange Market Maker Tokens (10%)

120 000 WAULT — Initial Liquidity for PancakeSwap (24%)

  • Liquidity Mining Supply — 500 000 WAULT Locked in the Liquidity Mining Contract.

Liquidity Mining of WAULT tokens will be available for the first several months, in order for them to be distributed well around the users of the platform. The initial Reward/Block rate will be (4) and it will be reduced by 50% every 10 days.

Pools Available for mining — In order to keep the price high and not let farmers leach the Wault liquidity, only 2 pools will be introduced:

WAULT/BNB pair — 80% of the rewards

WAULT Staking Pools — 20% of the rewards

Liquidity mining and token distribution

There will be 1.2% of all the transfers that will go to the Liquidity Mining pool. That means that even after the total Supply of 1 million tokens is distributed the Liquidity Mining will continue.

Visit our official Telegram group: https://t.me/WaultFinance